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All of our dog walkers undergo an extensive screening process, criminal background check, reference checks, work history verification, and are hired as W-2 employees. Once hired, they are continually trained and developed throughout their employment. Our staff is passionate about dogs and you can rely on them to provide an unmatched level of kindness, service, and care.


Kalli - Dog Walker

Hello! My name is Kalli, and I am very excited to be a part of the Updog

team! I am a huge animal lover and am definitely known to spend the

whole party playing with the house pets - sorry, not sorry! I have a sassy

Siberian Husky named Manuka who loves to go on runs with me and play

with our other housemate, Scarlet, my partner's gorgeous German



I grew up in Colorado and adore doing anything outside! One of my favorite things is traveling to anywhere with a beach. When I am not

walking dogs, I am working on my visual art business. I can't wait to meet your pups!

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