Frequently Asked Questions

For Companies

How much does Benepass charge?

We charge per participant per month. Please contact for a demo and pricing. Benepass is pay-as-you-go, meaning you can offer this tax-advantaged benefits and company-funded stipends to your employees at any company size. No minimums, no complex contracts.

Are you tax compliant?

Yes! We validate all pre-tax spending is compliant with IRS regulations. For all other custom benefit programs, we integrate with your payroll software to ensure they are reflected as imputed wages, meaning the company’s payroll taxes and your employees’ income taxes are accurate and compliant.

How do you integrate with payroll?

We connect to your payroll system as a third party administrator, similar to the connection you give your bookkeeper or outside accounting team. We automate roster changes and payroll adjustments, making sure all Benepass benefits are tax compliant. We can also work with EDI file feeds and CSV file changes based on your payroll software.

How do I add/remove employees?

Through the third party admin connection to your payroll, our system automatically checks the roster once a month to make sure we have added and removed employees appropriately based on your parameters.

What types of custom programs can I design?

We can design any benefit program using Benepass as the payment method. You choose the amount, eligible vendors or vendor categories, cadence, and rollover policies. Popular programs include: monthly health & wellness, annual professional development, one-time home office set-up, monthly cell phone, and new parent rewards. The best programs are aligned with your corporate values and appeal to the type of employees you’d like to attract and retain.

What reporting do I receive?

You’ll receive a monthly summary showing utilization by employees and by dollars. We break it down by program, categories within each program, vendors within each program, and employee types (e.g. department, office, tax-exempt), except where prohibited by HIPAA. We also discuss KPIs during onboarding and work to ensure Benepass data informs those metrics.

What happens to expired funds?

Expired funds for all benefits remain with your company's Holding Account and can either fund future benefits or be returned to your company. Forfeited FSAs are subject to ERISA regulations, meaning they must be used to fund employee healthcare costs.

For Employees

How do pre-tax benefits work?

The IRS allows you to use a portion of your paycheck on certain buckets of spending and thereby not pay income taxes on that portion. Think of it as money you set aside for a specific purpose, except with one key difference: you don’t pay taxes on that income! These specific purposes include public transit to commute to work, parking costs related to commuting to work, healthcare expenses, and dependent care expenses.

How do I check my balance and transaction history?

Download the Benepass mobile app and use your work email address to login.

What if I want to spend more than my available balance?

Please use your personal payment method, and submit a photo of your receipt in the mobile app. Upon review, we’ll reimburse you on the next payroll.

What if I forget to use my Benepass card?

Submit a photo of your receipt within the app. Upon review, we’ll reimburse you on the next payroll.

Why are my virtual card and physical card numbers different?

This is for security purposes. But both cards draw from the same balance, and both cards transact everywhere VISA is accepted.

What happens to unspent funds?

For pre-tax benefits, rollover rules are based on Uncle Sam’s policies.

  • Commuting: the money remains on your Benepass card as long as you’re employed by your company.
  • Health flexible spending accounts (FSAs): up to $550 unused funds at the end of the calendar year (December 31) may be used in the next calendar year.
  • Dependent care FSAs: you must spend the money by the end of the calendar year (December 31), or the grace period (March 15 of the following year) if your company permits it.
For custom programs, your company sets the benefit policy terms. Please email with your specific question.

Help, I lost my card!

Please email as soon as possible, and we’ll issue you a replacement.

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