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All of our dog walkers undergo an extensive screening process, criminal background check, reference checks, work history verification, and are hired as W-2 employees. Once hired, they are continually trained and developed throughout their employment. Our staff is passionate about dogs and you can rely on them to provide an unmatched level of kindness, service, and care.


Josh - Founder & Owner

Originally from Nashville, I decided to pack up my life and head to Colorado upon graduating from the University of Tennessee in 2010. After four years pursuing a corporate sales career in Denver, I found myself unfulfilled and radically shifted gears to start Updog Dog Walking in early 2014. It's definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!


I am so fortunate to have built relationships with hundreds of amazing dog and human clients over the years, and can't imagine a life without all these friendly faces. Updog is also blessed to have an amazing team of dog walkers, all of whom are passionate and caring dog lovers and generally wonderful people.

Dogs are amazing animals and I consider myself lucky to make a living spending time with them!

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