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All of our dog walkers undergo an extensive screening process, background check, are hired as W-2 employees, and are continually trained and developed while they are working for us. You can rely on us to provide you with a level of service and reliability that you will not find with any other company.


Gina - Dog Walker

Hi I'm Gina! I love the outdoors, traveling, and riding my bike. I got into dog walking because I was already walking in the park daily and figured it would be awesome to have furry companions join me.


I walk my friends dog Hunter all the time. She is a beautiful Husky and when I go to her house and she sees me, she gets so happy she will grab her leash and wait at the gate wagging her tail. She is always so excited and I feel her excitement and see the love in her eyes, which makes me happy.

I absolutely love walking dogs and really enjoy this job!

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