All of our dog walkers undergo an extensive screening process, background check, are hired as W-2 employees, and are continually trained and developed while they are working for us. You can rely on us to provide you with a level of service and reliability that you will not find with any other company.

Joshua - Owner

Originally from Nashville, TN, I moved to Denver in 2010 and have never looked back. Like a lot of people here, I love to hike, camp, bike, snowboard and just take advantage of everything that Colorado has to offer. And if dog's are allowed, my sidekick Maverick is usually with me. I started Updog with the idea that we would take something that so many people do and execute it in a way that no one else does. I constantly strive to provide a level of service and an experience that is unmatched in Denver. I make it my personal mission to ensure that you and your canines are well taken care of and get only the best treatment possible.


My staff and ​I are eager to build lasting relationships with members of Denver's dog community. I know I speak for my entire team when I say that we can't wait to meet you and your doggies. At Updog, we are all truly "dog people" with a genuine passion for your furry friends. There aren't many better ways to spend the day than in the company of a happy dog!

Amy - Dog Walker

Hello, I'm Amy! I grew up in Colorado and attended the Art Institute of Colorado where I received my BA in Media Arts and Animation in 2010. I adore animals and have been a pet owner my whole life. I have two little dogs, Muffin the Maltepoo and Noodle the Poodle. They mostly like to sleep (or steal garbage to eat).


In my free time I can be found at home snuggled with my dogs working on my artwork. I'm a huge science fiction and fantasy nerd and love action/adventure films and animated movies/shows. I also love spending time outdoors and going on adventures with my S/O any chance we can get!


I love being part of Updog team and I can't wait to meet you and your furry friends! I couldn't be more happy to be able to spend my time creating art and caring for dogs!

Gina - Dog Walker

Hi I'm Gina! I love the outdoors, traveling, and riding my bike. I got into dog walking because I was already walking in the park daily and figured it would be awesome to have furry companions join me.


I walk my friends dog Hunter all the time. She is a beautiful Husky (as you can see in the picture), and when I go to her house and she sees me, she gets so happy she will grab her leash and wait at the gate wagging her tail. She is always so excited and I feel her excitement and see the love in her eyes, which makes me happy.

I absolutely love walking dogs and really enjoy this job!

Nicole - Dog Walker

Hi there! I’m Nicole and that’s Pakkun. We’re both Colorado natives and still loving everything about our state. We find new adventures daily, and enjoy most activities outdoors, like long walks around the city, dog park hangs, hiking, biking, boating and camping. We live in a big house with lots of fur babies too, so lots of friends for Pakkun and me. I also grew up with multiple pets, including; dogs, cats, ferrets, fish, birds, bunnies, and I currently have a hedgehog named Hedgefer Lopez, thats Pakkun's sister.

I’m originally from Boulder, but have lived in Denver for the last 10 years. I have worked in the canine industry for eight of those years. I absolutely love working with dogs and want to continue a career around them. I love being outside and seeing dogs happy!! That’s why I can't wait to meet all your pups!!!

Brianna - Dog Walker

Hi, I’m Brianna, and this is my fluff ball Colbalt! I’ve been living in Colorado for years, and although I’m not a native, I grew up in Maine where dogs are an essential part of life just like they are here. I grew up always having at least 2-5 dogs in the house with me at all times since my dad was a hunter and a Labrador breeder.


I love anything outdoors, from traveling to taking my fuzzy bear Colbalt on hikes, and dancing! I’m a professional belly dancer and aerialist in the Denver area on the weekends, which makes taking care of your adorable pups the perfect week day job for me. It’s an honor to form awesome relationships with lots of dogs, I look forward to spending time with yours!

Aiden - Dog Walker

Hello! I'm Aiden. I moved to Denver from New York City in May 2018. Since driving across the country, I've worked a bunch of different jobs, but dog care is definitely the one that I have found most fulfilling. I love dogs and it's a joy to spend time with them, whether through walking or boarding, especially since I don't have any pets of my own right now. When I'm not hanging out with my furry friends, I enjoy hiking, live music, and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Carolyn - Dog Walker

Hello, I'm Carolyn! I’m a freelance writer and editor from a small beach town in New Jersey. I have a BA in English and have had a number of short fiction works published by small press publications, my pride and joy being a horror fiction that was made into an audio drama by the internationally acclaimed No Sleep Podcast. 


Currently, I am living my best East Coast transplant life in Denver. Whenever my husband and I are free, you'll find us exploring the mountains with our rescue pup, Buddy, who is as brave and adventurous as he is tiny! As a lifelong dog lover, I know that all dogs have their own individual personalities, quirks, and needs. This is especially true for rescues, who have held a dear place in my heart ever since my husband and I adopted our little guy. I understand the challenges that both rescue dogs and their owners face, as well as the rewards of working with such great companions. I very much look forward to meeting the special companions in your life and working with them!

Nijal - Dog Walker

Hi! My name is Nijal. I’m a Massachusetts native who recently moved out to Denver because of my love for the mountains. I’m absolutely loving it so far! The cute little one in my picture is Buddha, my step-brothers dog. He also lives here in Denver and it’s the best to able to go visit and get some puppy kisses when I feel I need it (which is often). I’m super excited to start this new chapter of my life with your furry friends. I grew up always having multiple dogs, and several other interesting ones like ducks and squirrels, as pets. Since I don’t currently have any of my own, I really look forward to creating fun memories and awesome relationships with yours!


On my down time, you can regularly find me outdoors or doing something active. From hiking, hammocking, snowboarding, and running I always find a way to enjoy being outside as much as possible. 


Because of my two true passions of dogs and exercise, I’m very grateful for this opportunity to take care of and play with your pups!

Itaa - Dog Walker

Hello, I'm Itaa! Chicago Native but I moved to Milwaukee, WI After graduating high school and fell in love with the (tiny, compared to Chicago) city. So now I just say I'm from Wisconsin. 


I've been living in Denver for almost 2 years now. Glad my boyfriend and I took the plunge and moved out here with only one car stuffed with all our life belongings and my cat, Leela. Ive been lucky enough to try skiing/snowboarding and hiking. Activities that I've never thought I would enjoy since I'm more of a "snuggle in the couch and read a good book or practice my crocheting skills" kind of gal. 


I'm a dog person for sure, but somehow ended up taking in a friends cat and absolutely loving her sassy personality. So I  still find myself having to get my puppy fill from other friends dogs and thought that dog walking would be exactly what I need. Cant wait to give all my love and care to your canine friends!

Jayci - Substitute Dog Walker

Hi, I'm Jayci! I am a Colorado native with a passion for the outdoors. I am currently in nursing school and found that dog walking was a great mix to fit my current lifestyle. I get to be active and brighten may day with four-legged friends who enjoy being outside as much as I do. My two dogs Cooper (left) and Ranger (right) are two of the goofiest dogs I have met but I enjoy their sassy attitudes. 


I have grown up around dogs my whole life and they truly make my heart happy. I love that dogs all have such varied personalities and they make adventuring a treat every time. I can't wait to meet your furry companions! 

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