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All of our dog walkers undergo an extensive screening process, background check, are hired as W-2 employees, and are continually trained and developed while they are working for us. You can rely on us to provide you with a level of service and reliability that you will not find with any other company.


Clare - Dog Walker

I'm originally from New York. I took a brief beach detour while I completed my undergrad in Psychology in Saint Augustine Florida, and eventually landed here. I have lived in Denver for five years and love that we get so much beautiful sunshine. I have worked primarily in the service industry, early childhood education, and most recently mortgage lending. I recently left my full time job to build a gig schedule that allows me the flexibility I need to start my own business. 

In my free time I love to rollerblade and cook/bake for my friends and family. I really enjoy doing crafts, and am also practicing perfecting my henna. I am a podcast and audio-book enthusiast (I do love a physical book, but they're not so great for multitasking!). I have one small, funky underbite dog of my own named Theo who I adore. I love all animals, but most especially the ones who love you back. I look forward to romping with your pups and giving them the love, attention, and exercise they deserve!

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